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As Nassau County Executive, Jack is committed to ending the corruption that has compromised the public’s trust in government, protecting local property taxpayers and creating an economic renaissance to provide a brighter future for the middle class.


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Jack Martins’s Statement on MS-13

Jack Martins’s Statement on MS-13

Martins: If Curran is serious about protecting families from MS-13, she should return the donations she has taken from those who support Sanctuary laws
FRANKLIN SQUARE, N.Y. (October 31, 2017) – Nassau County Executive Candidate Jack Martins made the following statement today regarding MS-13:

“We are in a public safety crisis. Nassau County families do not feel safe. This is a time to lead, not a time to put political correctness above public safety. The role of Nassau County Executive is not ‘Chief Diplomat’ as Laura Curran likes to say, particularly when it comes to fighting violent gangs who are killing our children.

“This latest attack from Curran is just a desperate tactic to deflect from the fact she continues to refuse to admit that the groups running, supporting and funding her campaign have been working to enact Sanctuary laws and block the efforts of federal law enforcement to arrest members of the MS-13 gang.

“The selective indignation is absurd. If Laura Curran is really serious about protecting Nassau families from MS-13, she should return the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations she has received from these groups and radicals and renounce their endorsements.

“Some of these include: Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who called for New York to be a Sanctuary State, the Working Families Party, who campaigned for her this weekend, Make the Road, 32BJ and many others.

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Corruption Team is running her campaign, and he has made preserving NYC’s Sanctuary City status a priority of his ultra-left progressive platform.

“In stark contrast, I have received the support of every law enforcement organization on Long Island and in New York that has endorsed in this race. I stood with representatives from 21 law enforcement associations from across the region and Rep. Pete King yesterday and released a detailed plan to eradicate MS-13.

“Fighting MS-13 is not an immigration issue. It’s a public safety issue.

“Whatever Curran says, it is clear that these radical groups will have a tremendous influence on her decision-making if elected. She can not be trusted to protect Nassau families.”

Jack Martins
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